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BLOW OFF Type BB Big Bov - Universal fitting

BLOW OFF Type BB Big Bov - Universal fitting

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We are proud to present - the biggest BOV we make! The king of all turbo blow off valves! It was designed for the top performance cars to keep in controll high boost turbochargers. If You are looking for blow off valve that is strong, reliable and with monstrous air flow BigBov is the best You can get! It is perfect choice for serious drag racing / quarter mile , drifting or high power street monster.

This turbo BOV has big internal valve, it is mounted with 2 inch v-band together with fi 48 mm base pipe (you can chose between aluminium or stainless steel). Piston/valve is internally sealed with durable o-ring for even bigger intake pressure seal.

Made from billet aluminium, this atmospheric valve blows air to atmosphere creating the "Whoosh" sound most commonly associated with rally cars. Big blow off valve increases both throttle response and higher clamping load of the valve to maintain steady boost pressure.

Blow off valve is supplied with two valve springs - a soft spring and a hard spring.
The soft spring is already installed in the valve and will be perfect for 90% of applications.
The harder spring is supplied separately for self-installation, is designed for higher than stock boost level.

Keep in mind, that BigBov is single pistons valves can cause ECU errors if it is stock.

Our bigest turbo blow-off valve works perfect even with boost over 2 bar.

Inlet mount is v-band 2" (51 mm).

is polish company produces high quality aluminium CNC machined race parts blow off valves, MBC, blanking plates, diverter valves, adapters, pulleys, swirl pots, catch tanks etc.

All parts are manufactured and designed in Poland.

Please mind this is high quality product made in EU not cheap cast from China.

We ship worldwide! Our online shop is always at your service!

You can experience the sound of this valve in the video below:

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