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MBC Manual Boost Controller

MBC Manual Boost Controller

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The manual boost controller (mbc) allows to manually increase and control the boost pressure of the turbocharger.

Unlike Chinese knock-off controllers, ProPerfekt devices are equipped with a ceramic ball with an enlarged diameter, which ensures high reliability and stability of the boost. The set also includes a second, harder spring for a higher boost level.

How does our MBC work?
You set the initiall pressure  (i.e. 0.5 bar) and until the charge in the intake reaches this boost  value, the valve remains completely closed. When the set boost value is exceeded, the valve opens completely.
The result is a rapidly growing boost, improved turbie spool, the car is very responsive because we have full top-up from the maximum low speed - even with not fully open throttle.
When using manual boost controller, it is recommended to use a boost pressure indicator to control the settings.

MBC Installation:
Manual boost controller is connected into the pressure flow line to the WG actuator from the vaccuum source (see diagram).
The valve has the advantage over old models without a ball and spring that it does not permanently releases air from the WG control system. Our boost controller allows to obtain maximum boost at a much lower engine speed.


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