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Intercooler Saab Turbo 900 NG, 9-3

Intercooler Saab Turbo 900 NG, 9-3

  • Brand:Properfekt
  • Product Code: Intercooler SAAB turbo
  • GTIN: 5906800239259
  • EAN: 5906800239259
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  • $215.76

Super efficent Intercooler for turbo Saab made from the best core from FMIC .

No need to cut your bumper. It fits perfect in stock place. Plug and play!

Intercooler fits:

- SAAB 900 NG turbo engines as well as diesel

- SAAB 9-3 turbo engines as well as diesel

Why our FMIC is better then stock?

- stock FMIC as seen on photo: 550x160x50mm - amount of efficent rows 8 pcs.

- IC PROPERFEKT 550x180x65mm - amount of efficent rows 10 pcs.

FMIC intercoolers are tested with a pressure of more than 10 bar (145 psi) - even such high pressure does not make any effect on them.

The coolers are embossed with FMIC.EU logo, which distinguishes them from the crowd of "similar" coolers available on the market.

When buying an FMIC intercooler you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality product with excellent flow, featuring excellent cooling!

We ship worldwide! Our online shop is always at your service!

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