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DV Type DVV Renault KIA
Oil Catch Tank OCT VW Audi Skoda Seat 1,8T
BLOW OFF Type 2 Subaru WRX STI
Oil Catch Tank Without Filter closed type
DV Type DVN Opel  Saab 9-3
Shortshifter SAAB NG900,9-3,9-5
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The best oct, blow off and dv valves for your turbo!

Properfekt oil catch tank
PROPERFEKT company - the owner of BLOWOFF.PL brand and online shop - has been producing automotive and motorcycle accessories for more than 20 years. We produce the highest quality blow off valves (BOV) and diverter valves (DV) for turbocharged engines. In addition, we manufacture manual boost controllers (MBC), tanks, Oil Catch Tanks and many other items.We are not afraid of custom orders in the field of aluminum, such as unusual spacers, fixings, custom blow off valves, turbocharger actuators, shields, tanks that are necessary for your automotivr project.

Our offer contains merchandise that is positively acclaimed by our customers , such as:

Our main goal is to meet expectations ot the most demending customers, to personalize their car and motorbike , to make it unique and enjoyable.
Properfekt big blow off valve
Our products are made for those for whom cars are more than moving from point A to point B. We are a dynamic, ambitious and constantly growing company that is expanding product range and keep up with automotive trends and needs.

 Why you should buy from us:

- Blow off valves, DV and universal oil separators in our offer are 100% Polish product, made of the best materials
- Warranty: 2 years
- Two free services within 36 months
- Availability of individual service parts
- Open design allowing DIY servicing

Worldwide shipping! We ship for a reasonable price to any destination in the world.

We only provide original parts and only sell genuine products.

Awesome customer service! We want maximum of your satisfaction.  Ask us questions, we love to answer!

Enjoy your shopping. You will not find better quality. Our online shop is always at your service!