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What is Oil Catch Tank?

What is an Oil catch tank and do oil separators work?

Open the hood of your car and look for the oil catch separator, and you'll be looking for a while.  Most vehicles are not factory equipped with an oil catch tank.There are many aftermarket options available, but do you need a separator?Let's take a look at what it does and the pros and cons of installing one in your car.

How does a properfekt oil catch tank oil separator work?

Jak działa separator oleju odmy oil catch tank firmy Properfekt? It is basically a reservoir or container that is connected to the engine's engine's plume system - the PCV and the engine intake.They are usually made of steel, aluminum or plastic in different colors and shapes. Separators are divided into two types - open and closed.

Separator in a closed version has one input and one output - all of the purge after separation is directed back to the engine. This option is recommended for street cars.

Separator in open version has one or more inputs. Instead of the output, a stub with a filter is used, and thus the purge after oil separation is directed to the atmosphere.  This solution is recommended for uncompromising racing cars.

What is an oil separator used for?

In order to understand the operation of an Oil Catch Tank (OCT for short), it is necessary to understand the essence of blow-by in the engine's crankcase.When an engine is running, a small amount of exhaust gas bypasses the piston rings and enters the crankcase.These combustion gases are mixed with the oil vapors in the crankcase and then directed through the PCV system (positive crankcase ventilation system) back into the intake tract.This mixture of air, fuel and oil is considered a blow-by.Now that we have that out of the way, where does the oil catcher fit into all of this?The catcher is installed between the pvc valve and the intake.Its job is to "catch" the oil, moisture and debris in the blow-by so that it doesn't reach the intake manifold and thus the combustion chamber.

How does it work?

Jak działa separator oleju odmy oil catch tank firmy Properfekt?

High quality catch separators use a baffle system to separate the oil and allow it to collect at the bottom of the tank.Lower quality systems typically use either no baffles or use a steel wool type system to catch the oil.Both styles of systems work, but the baffle system is less of a hassle when it comes time to empty the can. The filtration efficiency with baffles is definitely higher and does not get stuck by oil residue.

Should I have an oil separator on my car?

The short answer is yes.  All engines have some amount of blow-by, and even if that amount is small, capturing oil before it enters the intake is highly desirable.Oil entering the intake tends to stick to the back of the intake valves creating carbon build-up.This is especially important on direct injection engines because there is no injector spraying fuel onto the intake valve, carbon build-up is more common even with very small amounts of oil entering the intake.Not only does this look ugly, but it also reduces airflow and overall engine performance.If enough oil begins to enter the engine, it can lead to premature catalytic converter failure.Is this necessary for a fully factory naturally aspirated engine? No, but if you are squeezing the seventh sweat out of your engine or have a direct injection vehicle, we highly recommend it.

Jak działa separator oleju odmy oil catch tank firmy Properfekt?

Other applications for which we highly recommend a vacuum separator are cars equipped with a turbo and compressor - regardless of modification.This is because the higher combustion pressure creates more blow-by.  Supercharged engines are designed to create more combustion pressure and are therefore prone to creating more blow-by.

Are there any disadvantages of using oil separators?

There are no disadvantages, the only inconvenience is that you have to empty the tank from time to time.  Oil and water tend to collect at the bottom of the tank.The frequency of emptying depends entirely on your engine specifications, but most engines will require little attention.It seems to be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Oil catch tank topic summary

Although the oil separator does not add to the power of your engine, it is a very important piece of equipment to install in your engine.It will help minimize carbon deposits on the intake valves and keep the intake manifold clean and dry.If you have a direct fuel injection system , overclocked engine or just ride harder , this will be an essential accessory.

Which Properfekt OCT model is best for me?

We have a whole range of oil separators, both in closed version (models without filter) and in open version (models with filter). Most models are available in silver or black. Properfekt tanks are characterized by a very wide range of configurations in terms of input and output diameters, the type of drain or the choice of filling indicator.

You can find the whole offer of our oil catch tanks right here.

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